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We would like to advise that the School Cross Country has been postponed. It will now be on Friday unless advised otherwise.



Year 12 Physics    (12PHY)

The modules include:

  • Getting in to physics
  • Energy is the key
  • Expanding our sight
  • A shocking experience
  • Electricity in a spin
  • Moving along with physics
  • Nuclear issues
  • Explaining light
  • Car and house circuits
  • Getting electricity to our homes

Students study four topics (standards) that count for 19 credits towards Level 2 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 91172  (P.2.5)  Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics  (3 credits) 

External Standards (Exams)

  • 91170  (P.2.3)  Demonstrate understanding of waves  (4 credits)
  • 91171  (P.2.4)  Demonstrate understanding of mechanics  (6 credits)
  • 91173  (P.2.6)  Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism  (6 credits)


Year 13 Physics    (13PHY)

Modules of study will include:

  • Cars and planes in linear and rotation                          
  • Music, colours and sound
  • Understanding oscillations                                            
  • Generating and transforming electricity
  • Electrical circuit devices                                              
  • Nothing goes faster than light
  • Tuning the TV and radio                                               
  • Photons and planck
  • Nuclear reactors and reactions 

Students study four topics (standards) that count for 19 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.  

External Standards (Exams)

  • 91523  (P.3.3)  Demonstrate understanding of wave systems  (4 credits)
  • 91524  (P.3.4)  Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems  (6 credits)
  • 91525  (P.3.5)  Demonstrate understanding of modern physics  (3 credits)  
  • 91526  (P.3.6)  Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems  (6 credits)  
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