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Design and Visual Communication (DVC)


Students who engage in Design and Visual Communication will open up career pathways from Design (Interior, Landscape, Creative, Spatial and Product) at University through to engineering and building apprenticeships.

Students will use Computer Aided Design software to create and model their designs in 2D while also modelling and prototyping in 3D the latest technology such as 3D printers, CNC machining centre through to more traditional sketching, rendering and drawing techniques to display their creativity and thinking.


Year 10 Design and Visual Communication    (10DVC)

The course has skill components to explore how ideas can be shown (sketching, CAD and Drawing) that are used alongside the thinking skills to show how a design may be arrived at.  The Level One Standard AS 91069 is a very good test in showing students how well they can develop a simple idea using a design process and teaches about the use of design elements in a product.

  • Free hand sketching to show design ideas                           
  • Computer Aided Drawing and 2D Technical Drawing       
  • 3D Drawing and Rendering
  • Using a Design Process                                                                 
  • AS 91069 Promoting a Designers Work to an Audience (Level One Literacy Standard; 4 Credits)


Year 11 Design and Visual Communication    (11DVC)

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • AS 91066  Render a design drawing to show a texture and a 3D effect  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91067  Show how a well-known designer uses the design elements in their designs then use them in your own  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91068  To clearly show your design process and thinking to develop a design  (6 Credits)
  • AS 91069  Promoting a Designers Work to an Audience  (Level One Literacy Standard; 4 Credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • AS 91063  Sketching to show ideas  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91064  2D Drawings  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91065  3D Drawings  (3 Credits)


Year 12 Design and Visual Communication    (12DVC)

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • AS 91340  Design using the influence of a design movement  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91341  Spatial Design  (6 Credits) 

and / or

  • AS 91342  Product Design  (6 Credits)
  • AS 91343  Presentation of my design  (4 Credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • AS 91337  Different techniques to create ideas  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91338  2D Working Drawings  (4 Credits)


Year 13 Design and Visual Communication    (13DVC)

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • AS 91628  Presentation of Design Ideas  (6 Credits)
  • AS 91629  Spatial Design  (6 Credits)

and / or 

  • AS 91630 Product Design (6 Credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • AS 91627  Initiating Design Ideas  (4 Credits)
  • AS 91631  Working Drawings  (6 Credits)


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