Year 10 Media Studies    (10MES)

The year 10 course consists of six modules:

  • Close reading
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Genre
  • Film study
  • Short film production

The course is assessed through:

  • Close reading a film
  • Close reading an advertisement
  • Storyboard and produce a TV advertisement
  • Genre study
  • Write a newspaper article
  • Design a newspaper
  • Make a short film, news bulletin
  • Exam

Year 11 Media Studies    (11MES)

In Year 11 Media Studies, students learn that all media products are constructions. This is arguably the most important concept in Media Studies. The media do not simply reflect external reality.  Rather, they present carefully crafted constructions that reflect many decisions and are the result of many determining factors.  Media Literacy works towards deconstructing these constructions (i.e. to taking them apart to show how they are made).

The course covers:

  • Feature Film Studies
  • Film History
  • Film Theory
  • Writing for Visual texts
  • Music Video Production
  • VFX Production
  • CGI Production
  • Short Film Production

Students will be assessed on a mixture of theoretical and practical modules.

Year 12 Media Studies    (12MES)

The year 12 topics covered are:

  • Close reading of film
  • Study of messages and values in the media and the impact of the media on a social grouping
  • Narrative conventions in film
  • Genre studies
  • Production of short film, music video, film trailer

Students study six topics (standards) that count for 24 credits towards Level 2 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 90278 (2.3)  Demonstrate understanding of representation in the media  (3 credits)
  • 90280 (2.5)  Demonstrate understanding of narrative conventions in media texts  (4 credits)
  • 91252  Produce a design and plan for a developed media product using a range of conventions  (4 credits)
  • 91253  Complete a developed media product from a design and plan using a range of conventions  (6 credits)
  • 91255  Write developed media text for a specific target audience  (3 credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • 90279 (2.4)  Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media genre  (4 credits)


Year 13 Media Studies    (13MES)

The year 13 topics covered are:

  • Design a concept, treatment for a short film individually and work in a group to produce a script and storyboard for this design
  • Develop, shoot and edit the production
  • Analyse the interrelationship between media products and the society in which they are developed
  • Close read a range of media products and explore the language used

Students study five topics (standards) that count for 20 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 90600 (3.2)  Explain how meaning is created in media texts  (3 credits)
  • 3.5  Produce a design for a media product that meets the requirements of a brief  (4 credits)
  • 3.6  Produce a media product to meet the requirements of a brief  (6 credits)
  • 3.8  Write a media text to meet the requirements of a brief  (3 credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • 90602 (3.4)  Explain the relationship between a media genre and society  (4 credits)


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