Year 11 Accounting Communication    (11ACC)

In Year 11 Accounting Communication students will:

  • Develop the skills of formatting simple financial statements for sole traders/clubs
  • Use a small Accounting Venture/Activity of selling a product to keep financial records
  • Look at Cash Management controls of a household
  • Set up a portfolio of investing virtual money in various financial institutions
  • Process Accounting data to meet personal needs
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements to make decisions
  • Understand the theory Accounting is based on
  • Develop social skills of listening, leadership/management.

The course content covers:

  • Simple financial statements of Cash Budget, Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position, Activity ventures, Club Treasurers’ reports
  • Cash Management
  • Investment opportunities using virtual money
  • Processing Accounting on Source Documents, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Journals, Ledgers, Trial Balances
  • Analysis of Profitability, Liquidity and Stability of various businesses
  • Accounting elements and concepts
  • Social skills involved in communicating Accounting.


Year 12 Accounting    (12ACC)

This course is for students who have satisfactorily completed Year 11 Accounting. 

The Year 12 Accounting course comprises:

  • The conceptual basis of Accounting
  • Processing
  • Accounting systems
  • Accounting reports
  • Decision making

Students study five topics (standards) that count for 19 credits towards Level 2 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 91175  (2.2)  Demonstrate understanding of Accounting processing using Accounting software  (4 credits)              
  • 91179  (2.6)  Demonstrate understanding of an Accounts Receivable subsystem for an entity  (3 credits)
  • 91386  (2.7)  Demonstrate understanding of an inventory subsystem for an entity  (3 credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • 91174  (2.1)  Demonstrate understanding of Accounting concepts for an entity that operates Accounting subsystems  (4 credits)
  • 91176  (2.3)  Prepare financial information for an entity that operates Accounting subsystems  (5 credits)


Year 13 Accounting    (13ACC)

The Year 13 Accounting course covers:

  • Developing an understanding of the principles on which Accounting is based and how they are applied in a range of situations
  • Recording and processing financial transactions
  • Describing and evaluating a job cost system
  • Reporting financial information to interested parties
  • Analysing, interpreting and evaluating financial and non-financial information to make informed decisions

Students study five topics (standards) that count for 21 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 91405  (3.2)  Demonstrate understanding of Accounting for partnerships   (4 credits)
  • 91409  (3.6)  Demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem for an entity  (4 credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • 91404  (3.1)  Demonstrate an understanding of Accounting concepts for a reporting entity  (4 credits)
  • 91406  (3.3)  Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparation  (5 credits)
  • 91408  (3.5)  Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to make a decision  (4 credits)

Scholarship students will do AS91407 (3.4) - Prepare a report for an external user that interprets the annual report of a New Zealand reporting entity.

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