Year 13 Calculus    (13MCA)

The general aim is a course of mathematical study for those students with a particular interest in the Physical Sciences, Engineering and in general any field where analysis is an important tool.

More specific goals of the course are:

  • To continue the development of the main stream of mathematics, with particular emphasis on calculus
  • To consolidate and extend students facility with basic algebra, graphical and computational skills
  • To advance students understanding of the nature of mathematical reasoning and the correct use of symbols, and their ability to construct and set out methodically the steps in a logical  argument recognising the need for clearly stated assumptions and definitions

The topics are a continuation of those introduced in year 12:

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Algebra

There is also an increasing emphasis on problem solving and model making.

Students study four topics (standards) that count for 21 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 3.3  AS91575  Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems  (4 credits)       

External Standards (Exams)

  • 3.5  AS91577  Apply the algebra of complex numbers, in solving problems  (5 credits)
  • 3.6  AS91578  Apply differentiation methods in solving problems  (6 credits)
  • 3.7  AS91579  Apply integration methods in solving problems  (6 credits)            


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