Global Studies


Year 13 Global Studies    (13GBS)

This course provides students with an opportunity to explore contemporary global issues and develop collaborative, inquiry, critical and thinking skills.  It aims to provide knowledge of contemporary issues relating to law, democracy, human rights, sustainability and globalised culture. 

The content includes:

  • Human Rights:  Where do our ideas of democracy and human rights originate from?  Investigate current major human rights issues.
  • Global Challenges:  How are we solving the challenges of our time?  Analyse the cultural practices and legal and political structures that shape and respond to global sustainability challenges.
  • Changing Cultures:  What does it mean to live in a transnational world?  Investigate the impact that globalisation has had on cultural practices around the world.

Students study five topics (standards) that count for 23 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • 90828  Evaluate a personal action that contributes towards a sustainable future  (6 credits)
  • 90832  Develop a strategy for an organisation that will contribute to a sustainable future  (5 credits)
  • 91600  Examine a campaign of social action(s) to influence policy change(s) (4 credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • 91736  Analyse how different worldviews, and the values and practices associated with them, impact on sustainability  (4 credits)
  • 91596  Demonstrate understanding of ideological response to an issue  (4 credits)


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