Building Construction and Allied Trade Skills (BCATS)


Students who participate in the BConstructive programme can go on to consider apprenticeships in a variety of trades such as: carpentry, construction, plumbing, drain laying, roofing, gas fitting, painting and decorating, flooring, joinery and furniture making. The programme also provides a good base for students who would like to enter other related areas of the construction industry such as architecture, quantity surveying and estimating.


Year 11 BCATS    (11BCT)

It is an innovative, practical and multi-disciplinary programme that provides you with the skills and knowledge to springboard into any career in the construction industry. It also develops literacy, numeracy and communication skills and has close links with the NCEA and Technology curriculums.

Course Content

  • The safe and correct use of hand tools to produce a range of projects
  • Reading, interpreting plans, job specifications and working models for the construction of projects
  • The construction of woodworking joints and furniture.
  • Workshop safety
  • Timber, fastenings and adhesives.


Year 12 BCATS    (12BCT)

Students complete four Unit Standards that count for 19 credits towards Level 2 NCEA.

  • 17593  Apply safe work practices in the workplace (4 credits)
  • 22316  Demonstrate knowledge of drug and alcohol related problems in the workplace (4 credits)
  • 22607  Read and interpret plans, working drawings and specifications for BCATS projects (3 credits)
  • 12932  Construct timber garden furniture as BCATS projects - Completion of a cutting list for each project. Completion of an Assessor Observation sheet covering both projects.

  Completion of two (2) practical projects (8 credits).


Year 13 BCATS    (13BCT)

Students complete three Unit Standard that count for 19 credits towards Level 3 NCEA.

  • 17592  Identify causes of back injury and methods to prevent back injuries in the workplace (4 credits).
  • 17594  Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace (3 credits).
  • 29684  Undertake a stage 3 BCATS project – Cavity wrap framed Pillar Letterbox. Completion of Student Work Diary of all processes of the project (12 credits).
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