Design and Visual Communication (DVC)


Students who study Design and Visual Communication are open to career pathways such as: Interior Design, Architecture, Creative Technology, Spatial and Industrial Design, Engineering and other various design fields at tertiary level education.

Students will be introduced to CAD (Computer Aided Design) and other relevant softwares to create and model their designs. They will also be introduced to the latest technology such as 3D printers and laser cutters alongside more traditional sketching, rendering and drawing techniques to demonstrate their creativity and thinking.


Year 10 Design and Visual Communication    (10DVC)

The course is designed so that students are introduced to various key skills in designing in the first term.  After learning all the skills students will carry out both spatial and product projects throughout the year where they will learn how to apply their learnt skills.  Some of the key skills they will learn include:

  • Free hand sketching skills
  • Computer Aided Design and 2D Technical Drawings
  • Various drawing techniques and Rendering
  • Following a logical design process.


Year 11 Design and Visual Communication    (11DVC)

Students will be continuing to hone their design skills during Term 1 and they will cover more advanced content than the previous year.  Students can take the subject for the first time at Year 11 as they can still learn all the necessary skills required to carry out a design project during this first term.

For Term 2:  Students will learn how to generate original design ideas and how to construct logical plans to execute their thinking.  They will learn about the ideation process and planning tools such as site analysis of their structure.  Students will begin to apply their newly learnt skills to complete these tasks

For Term 3 & 4:  Students will carry out projects much like the previous year but also apply new skills such as learning how to present work in graphic practice. They will also be able to do projects with more flexibility where they will propose their own design brief and choose what product item they would like to design.


Year 12 Design and Visual Communication    (12DVC)

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • AS 91340  Design using the influence of a design movement  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91341  Spatial Design  (6 Credits) 

and / or

  • AS 91342  Product Design  (6 Credits)
  • AS 91343  Presentation of my design  (4 Credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • AS 91337  Different techniques to create ideas  (3 Credits)
  • AS 91338  2D Working Drawings  (4 Credits)


Year 13 Design and Visual Communication    (13DVC)

Internal Standards (Assignments)

  • AS 91628  Presentation of Design Ideas  (6 Credits)
  • AS 91629  Spatial Design  (6 Credits)

and / or 

  • AS 91630 Product Design (6 Credits)

External Standards (Exams)

  • AS 91627  Initiating Design Ideas  (4 Credits)
  • AS 91631  Working Drawings  (6 Credits)


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