Senior Technology (Creative)




Course Content

There are two levels of the course being offered – Level 2 for Year 12 and Level 3 for Year 13.

Students who participate in this programme will use the Technology process to produce a client driven outcome.  This involves starting with the creation of a brief, completing conceptual designs and developing a completed prototype (finished product).  Achievement Standards will be used, allowing students to obtain 20 to 22 credits.

There is the opportunity for students to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and utilise the 3D Printer (Additive Rapid Prototyping) and the CNC milling machine (Subtractive Rapid Prototyping) – multi-media material modelling. Students will access and use resources from any discipline area of the Technology block.

This subject also gives the students the possibility to work in the workshop environment using a range of materials.  For assessment purposes, portfolio work will be required.



  • The ability to use existing skills in creative ways
  • Develop and use skills to create solutions to real life problems
  • Develop planning and analytical skills















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