The Glendowie College Development Trust

The Glendowie College Development Trust was established as a charitable trust to establish, administer and grow funds to be used for education purposes at Glendowie College.  As the Trust builds sufficient funds, there will be opportunities to distribute scholarships and support in three areas - Academic, Sports and Arts Development.  This could be through providing teaching support, research or resources, financial assistance for students or programmes, or contribution towards facilities.

The first priority for the Development Trust is to work with the school to establish an active alumni to ensure past pupils stay connected and engaged with the College. Feedback from past pupils is encouraged on what they want from the alumni and how they would like to get involved.

Opportunities are available for past pupils, families or interested organisation to contribute to the students and school through donations, grants and bequests through the Alumni or to the Development Trust directly.

Anyone who has a connection with Glendowie College is invited to join the alumni or donate funds.


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