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Glendowie College is currently closed to all students and staff. Please go to our COVID-19 page for the latest information.

GDC ... active online

This page gives you information about what we're doing at Glendowie to keep our students active online - academically, physically and socially. 


  1. Platforms
  2. Community
  3. Learning
  4. Physical Activity - Sports Challenges
  5. Who do Parents Contact?
  6. Pastoral Care and Guidance
  7. Ideas for Parents & Whānau



Online learning is provided on the following platforms:

  • Google Classroom ... used to deliver resources, instructions, feedback, and for teachers to interact with students
  • Gmail ... used for students to interact with teachers.  Please get your child to check their email regularly (e.g. morning, noon, afternoon).
  • Videos ... we will use YouTube to post videos.  We're setting up a Glendowie College channel for this.
  • Video Conferencing ... we will use ZOOM.  Please check that your child has this on their laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Other Software (e.g. Education Perfect) ... some subjects have specialist software or websites that students can access.  Your child's teacher will update them about this



We want to make sure our students stay connected to each other and the school.  To assist with this we're doing the following:

  • Virtual Form Class
    Each form class will have its own Google Classroom.  There won't be any work associated with this.  Rather, form teachers will use it to touch base with their form class and answer any general questions that they might have.

  • Virtual House Assemblies
    Each house will also stay in touch (at least once a week).  I'm not sure exactly how this will work, but will let you know.

  • Sports Challenges
    Our sports staff are posting regular updates and 'challenges' online for students (and whānau) to keep them active.  These are on the sports Instragram and Facebook pages (see links below).  We encourage students to share videos or photos of them.  These will be moderated by our sports staff.

  • Arts Challenges
    We hope to do something similar with the arts.  We'll let you know more when it's set up.



At Glendowie College, we're not trying to replicate normal school.  Online learning will be different.  We're not running set lesson times or taking attendance.  We don't think we need to and we don't think it would work.

  • Google Class
    Each class or subject will post work for students via Google Classroom.  Staff have been given guidelines about how to best do this.  Each subject and year level will be different.  You're welcome to sit down with your child and get them to show you what has been posted for them to work on.

  • Interacting with Teachers (Students)
    Students can contact teachers with questions, etc via Google Classroom or email.  Teachers are at work and will be checking their emails.  We've also been getting staff up to speed with ZOOM and some may choose to use this with students. 

  • Assignments
    We have not mandated that subjects must provide assignments, especially because we don't know how long we'll be locked down for.  Hopefully just two weeks after the holidays.  However, that may change.  We'll revisit this next term.

  • NCEA
    Senior students (years 11-13) will carry on with their NCEA assessments.  I've asked faculty leaders to work with staff to be flexible with deadlines and other requirements where possible.  If your child is sick (for any reason) and can't make a deadline, we will accept a signed note from you, rather than a medical certificate as normal.  Also we may ask you to sign a brief form confirming authenticity, i.e. that the student did the work by him or herself.  Some subjects may need this.  Others won't.  They'll let you or your child know.


Physical Activity - Sports Challenges

Our sports staff are regularly posting ideas for students and whānau to stay active while at home.  Hopefully it's fun and a break from work, TV, etc.  Please send Lydia and the team videos or photos, and they'll try to post them.


Who do Parents Contact?

We're aware that parents will have questions or concerns.  Please contact the following people if you have any questions:


Pastoral Care and Guidance

Our ability to provide pastoral care and guidance will be limited over the next few weeks.  However, our Deans and Assistant Deans remain available for students and/or whānau to contact them.

Similarly our Guidance Counsellors can't meet physically with students.  They have already arranged to stay in touch with many of the students that they have been working with - by phone, email or possibly video conferencing. It will be difficult for them to work with new clients due to the circumstances.  However, if you have special concerns or want some advice, please contact your child's Dean or a Deputy Principal.


Ideas for Parents and Whānau

Click here for ideas about supporting your child as they work from home.




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