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Online Learning - Ideas for Parents

  • This page is for parents and whānau to support their child(ren) academically, physically and socially. 
  • Keep visiting ... we'll keep adding to this page and the attached 'parent' page over the days ahead.
  • Thanks for your patience and support. 




As at school, we want our students to self-manage their learning and well-being.  They are now (young) adults and part of that is taking responsibility for themselves.

A good way to think about this is to imagine that they're an 'apprentice' adult.  They have the ability, but not the experience.  The role of teachers and parents/whānau is to give advice, ideas and encouragement ... but not to do the work for them.

For example, we'll share ideas about how to set up a study plan at home.  Share these with your child(ren) and get them to develop something that they think will work for them.  Then check in with them 2-3 days later and see how it's going for them.


Tracking your Child's Work

Students should know what work they have to do and by when.  Get your child to have a diary or list of what they have to do, and by when.

  • Juniors (years 9-10)
    Their work will be posted on Google Classroom for each subject.  Please note that some practical subjects may not have work for students to do over this period.

  • Seniors (years 11-13)
    Senior students will have NCEA assessments to work on.  Again, this may not be the case for all subjects depending on what unit of work the students were doing just before we closed.  Students should have the following information for an assessment:

         - topic                              ... what standard does the assessment relate to?
         - instructions                    ... what are students expected to do in the assessment?
         - assessment criteria       ... what do students need to do to achieve, or gain a merit or excellence?
         - deadline                        ... when is the work due?  Note some assessments are broken into parts, and students
                                                     may have parts of the work due at different times

Study Plans

Below are some examples of study plans that students and parents have shared with us.  Remember, everyone is different.  No one plan will work for all students.

  • Example of a Weekly Study Plan
(Day 4)
(Day 5)
(Day 1)
(Day 2
(Day 3)
9.00am Health Maths German SST Science
9.45am SST German Fitness Goal English Creative
10.30am Science Creative
Maths German
11.15am Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
1.00pm Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
1.15pm Maths Science English Creative
2.00pm Fitness Goal English SST German Maths
2.45pm 'School Ends' 'School Ends' 'School Ends' 'School Ends' 'School Ends'


  • Example of a Daily Study Plan
  Week Days
9.00am Study
12.30pm lunch
1.30am Computer
3.00pm Afternoon
3.30pm Walk with
4.30pm Piano


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