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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 8th February 2019

Kia Ora Tātou

It is good to have all students back at school now. We started the year with just over 1,260 students – our biggest student roll ever. This has created pressure on classroom spaces and our timetable that will continue through to next year when we hope to open the new Science block later in 2020.

I am pleased to announce another great set of academic results for the college in NCEA and NZ Scholarship in 2019. The percentage of students achieving NCEA endorsed with merit or excellence rose in all three levels and are our best on record.

This recognises the calibre and hard work of our students, whānau and staff. Congratulations to everyone involved in achieving these outstanding results. Our other NCEA achievement results are still being finalised.

We also found out yesterday that our students gained 35 NZ Scholarships. This is a superb result and again is something for everyone involved to be very proud of. I have listed the successful students later in this newsletter, and we will invite them and their families in next week to congratulate them on their success.

Term 1 is always a very busy term with a number of school events, trips etc. We are often asked by parents, who want to encourage their child(ren) into school activities, about how to find out what is going on inside the school. Parents can view the school’s daily notices, which are available on the Parent Portal. These are published daily and meetings, trials etc are also listed for students to be aware of.

One of the great features of Glendowie is the level of involvement by our students in sports, arts and leadership. We are keen to see this continue and welcome your support.

With the new year, I encourage you to talk with your child(ren) about his or her goals for 2019, and also about the routines and support that she or he will need, to achieve them. In this discussion, I recommend you talk about how he or she will manage their digital devices at school and at home. We are a BYOD school and also allow students to bring their phones to school. However, we would like students to learn to control their device and to not let it control them.

We have implemented a new guideline of ‘Enter and leave unplugged’, i.e. students are expected to start and finish each lesson (assembly, meeting, etc) with their headphones off (and away), so that they are attentive to what is going on around them.

An excellent website to assist parents with how they can help their teenager manage technology is www.theparentingplace.com/technology. It provides a range of articles with common sense approaches to helping with your teenager with technology and social media. The start of a new academic year is an excellent time to have these conversations and support your child into positive routines.

I look forward to meeting you through the year, and especially the parents of new year 9 students next Wednesday evening.


Richard Dykes



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