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Principal's Welcome 


Friday 14th October


Kia Ora

Welcome back to term four … a very busy term both as students focus on their academic studies and we celebrate students' achievements through 2016.

On Wednesday we enjoyed the annual Arts Awards.  The evening was a celebration of our students' talent and creativity.  Congratulations to all of the students who won awards and/or who performed in the evening.  A very big thank you to the students and staff who put this evening together.  It was a wonderful night.

At assembly this week, my message was clear and simple.  Students' primary focus this term is academic success.  It's all about excellence.  Olympic gold medallist, Mahé Drysdale, said that he had learned over his various regattas that the most important thing in achieving success is focussing on the process, not the outcome.  On his technique, not the medal.

The same is true for our senior students.  By now they should be into a planned programme of study.  All year 11, 12 and 13 students should know:

  • what       … internal standards they have left to complete
                    … external standards they will be sitting
                    … is the content of each external standard
                    … she or he must do to get excellence or merit
  • when      … their exams are
                    … they are going to study – each week and each night
  • who        … they will study with (friends and classmates)
                    … they can talk to (e.g. teachers) to help prepare a study plan

At this stage of the year, it's easy for senior students to worry about having too much to study and too little time to do it.  That's worrying about the outcome.  If that is your child, help him or her to work out how much time she or he has to study … and how much he or she will study each night through to the last exam.  Help your child to focus on using their time effectively, and let the exam results take care of themselves.  That's focussing on the process. 

The same is also true for junior students.  All year 9 and 10 students will sit exams later this term.  These are important to gauge how well students are learning this year, and to develop good study skills for year 11-13 and later at university.

Our staff are here to help you and your child, so please contact your child's teachers or Dean if you would like information or assistance about studying effectively.


Richard Dykes


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