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Friday, 24th May 2019

Kia Ora Tātou

School Ball

The Glendowie College School Ball will be held on Saturday, 25 May 2019. It may have already occurred by the time you read this. For many students, the School Ball is the social highlight of the year and we want to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible for all those who attend. As such we insist that the occasion is alcohol and drug free, and will take all appropriate steps to ensure this. Parental support in this matter is appreciated.

Buses are provided at the end of the ball, students who wish to return to Glendowie can do so safely. Once the buses arrive back at Glendowie College, the students are your responsibility.

We thought the timing was appropriate to run the ‘Loves Me Not’ education programme with Year 12 students this week prior to the Ball. Details were provided in the last newsletter. In summary, healthy and abusive relationships, and the area of sexual consent are covered. This programme is run in conjunction with the Police and the Sophie Elliott Foundation.

I am confident that the school ball will be a great event. If the talk already is anything to go by our young adults attending will look stunning.

PPTA Strike – Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The college has been advised that the Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) in conjunction with the NZEI will be holding a nationwide strike on Wednesday, 29 May 2019. This is in support of the current pay and conditions negotiations.

The majority of teaching staff at Glendowie College are PPTA members, so it will not be possible to run normal classes. We advise you to keep your children at home. There will be supervision by non-PPTA staff of students who are at school for whom no alternative arrangements can be made.

The PPTA have also informed us that further industrial action, such as rostering home of specific year levels and regional strikes, will be taking place in June and July. The first of these actions would be the rostering home of Year 9 students on Tuesday, 4 June 2019. Whether these actions take place will be dependent on progress made in the current negotiations. The college will keep you informed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

School Donation

You may have received a letter co-signed by myself and Steve Collier, the Board Chairperson, requesting your school donation payment if this is still outstanding. To provide the quality of education and facilities we would like for your children, the donation is essential. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Parental Support for Sport

Currently we have over 50 winter sports teams competing during the week and at the weekend. A significant number of games are at venues outside of the college. Parental assistance is needed to take students to these venues and to collect them after games using either the school vans or your own transport. The alternative is to use taxi vans to transport teams which is prohibitively expensive. We want as many students as possible to participate in sport because of the opportunities and involvement which sport brings. If you are able to assist with transport, particularly during the week, please contact the sports office (575 9128 ext. 161) or email sports@gdc.school.nz

Outbreak of Measles in Auckland

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has advised us that the measles virus is circulating in the community. As a precautionary measure, please check that your child has immunity either through having received the MMR vaccination, previous measles diagnosis or by a blood serology test. If not, please have your child vaccinated. Measles poses a risk to pregnant women and those with low immunity. If your child has a weakened immune system and the school is unaware, please inform Jan Davison, the school nurse. (dsn@gdc.school.nz)

This information is also available on the school website: /school/information/measles-information/


Gordon Robertson

Acting Principal


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