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Friday 25th November


Kia Ora

I spent an hour yesterday supervising the year 10 students doing their Maths exam … statistics, algebra, number, geometry, etc.  I know many students have approached these exams seriously and worked methodically to learn for their various exams.

I was talking to a parent recently who has two students at Glendowie. He was commenting on the difference of their approaches to study.  One was well organised. His bedroom had a noticeboard with lists and plans of what to study (mostly ticked off) and his notes were well organised.  The other … was less organised.

Mr Robertson made a good point to the junior students in assembly last week. He observed that this year's exams are very important. Probably the most important in students' education so far.  And next year's will be more important.  And so again the following year.

Students' short-term objective is to achieve well in these exams. To gain merits and excellences.  To demonstrate mastery of what they have studied in 2016.

The long-term objective is to practise and develop effective self-management skills … for the next few years at school and for life.

Some people argue that sitting exams is a skill that you never use again in life.  I don't agree.  I believe that having the pressure of a deadline by which to be ready to present your work to a client or manager, having the desire to succeed, and to have to prove yourself against your peers (competition) is a very real and valuable life skill.

So good luck to all our junior students.  I hope that their hard work through the year and this term pay off in grades that they are proud of in these exams.

Teacher Only Day

On Wednesday our junior students stayed at home to study for their exams, while teachers had a day of professional learning.  Thank you to Mr Robertson, Ms Hewetson and their respective teams for organising this day.

The day focussed on our annual goals for 2016 (house and pastoral review, junior curriculum review, and campus vision).  We started the day by linking these goals together and showing a timeline for implementation next year and beyond. 

We then had sessions led by staff looking at the role of the form teacher to support our students, and at developing our junior curriculum.

Both of these developments are long-term investments in our staff and the great work they do, rather than sudden structural changes. For example, the content that students learn in years 9 and 10 (e.g. algebra, art, PE) remains the same, and we continue to run two ALP classes in both years.

Wednesday was a chance to reflect on the ever-changing needs of our students as they graduate from Glendowie to university (or elsewhere) and the changing workplace they will subsequently enter.  It was a chance to think about how we need to teach, and how we need to support students pastorally to meet their (and your) needs.

We will provide more detail about these annual goals in subsequent newsletters.

Community of Learning

Last week I met again with the Principals from our contributing schools (Glendowie Primary, Churchill Park and St Heliers Primary).  We are lucky to have such great contributing schools.

The four schools are working towards forming a "Community of Learning", in which we identify shared goals for the young people in our community … from year 1 through to year 13.  At this stage we have not moved beyond discussion of how the schools can collaborate more. 

At our meeting, we shared some of our 2017 goals with each other, and it was exciting to see the similarities across the school, e.g. a focus on critical thinking.  As we progress this initiative, we will keep you informed.

Richard Dykes


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