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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 5th July 2019

Kia Ora Tātou

This is the last newsletter for term 2 and my final one as Richard Dykes is returning from his Woolf Fisher fellowship next term. It has been a privilege to have the responsibility of being Acting Principal and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Fraser for her sterling work as Acting Deputy Principal and Mr Reynolds as Dean of Tane Mahuta in Mrs Fraser’s absence. We are fortunate to have staff of such high calibre.

The school ball was a highlight of the term and it was wonderful to see the level of enjoyment of those Year 12 and 13 students who attended. The school Cross Country was held recently and overall it was a successful day despite uncertainty with the weather. One concern, however, was the number of parent condoned absences on the day. There is an increased tendency for parents to agree to their children not doing something because it might be unpleasant or involve more effort than they want to expend. Nigel Latta touched on parents shielding teenagers as part of his presentation and it is something I have noticed increase over the years. Terms such as helicopter parents, lawnmower parents, or the latest, black hawk down parents did not exist twenty years ago. If we want to build resilience in our young people, the answer is not to protect them from everything that might be uncomfortable or difficult, rather it is to encourage them to be risk-takers knowing they have our support.

With two weeks of holidays, it is the right time for students to recharge their batteries and take a break from academic requirements. However, it would still be useful if they took an hour or so each day to ensure that their assessments are up to date and to review work already covered this year. Next term is going to be full-on, especially for senior students, so being refreshed and up to date are both important.

School Reports

We will place school reports for all Year 10 to 13 students on the Parent Portal by Monday, 8 July 2019. Year 9 reports will be put on the Portal on Friday, 9 August 2019 (end of Week 3 of Term 3). The Portal can be accessed via the college website. Please contact your child(ren)’s Dean(s) or Assistant Dean(s) early next term if you have any questions about your child(ren)’s report, or if you need help accessing the Parent Portal.

Industrial Action

You will have probably heard that the negotiations between PPTA and the Government have been settled. There will be no more industrial action.

Gordon Robertson

Acting Principal


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