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2017 Junior Girls Underwater Hockey

Junior Girls Underwater Hockey


2017 Gala Concert

Gala Concert


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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 18th August 2017


Kia ora,

Over the last few weeks, I have taken the opportunity to visit various classes. I am continually proud of how engaged our students are, the level of their learning and the quality of teaching in our classes.

Last week, I visited a year 10 Business Studies class who were discussing the economic problem - scarcity and the various ways that we could address this. The discussion by students was intelligent, articulate, and very well led by their teacher.

This week, I visited a year 9 maths class where students were competing in a mini MATHEX competition, ahead of the school-wide MATHEX competitions at the end of this week.  The level of energy in the class was high as students tried to solve mathematical problems accurately and quickly to beat the other teams in the class.

This year, we have increased our investment in professional learning for teachers. This aligns with our goal of developing the junior curriculum and in particular how we teach students in years 9 and 10, and already, there have been some exciting developments. 

If you visit the library, you will see a 'murder' scene.  Our year 10 students must test various DNA samples to find out who 'killed' one of our new science teachers – Mr Comber.  Our science staff have developed a unit of work along the lines of the television show "CSI" to teach our students genetics. Similarly engaging units of work are also being developed in Maths, Social Sciences and other courses.

These units of work benefits students by them learning in a more relevant and enjoyable context, while still having clear guidance about what content and skills they need to learn.

Quad Redevelopment

The Board gave approval this week for the school to engage JASMAX to redesign the Quad in the centre of the college.  This space has been getting more run down, especially over winter. We are targeting to do this work over the summer break. It will be nice to have an improved space for students next year. We are including students in the design of the Quad, and appreciate the contribution of the Parents’ Association who are fundraising towards this project.

Gala Concert

Congratulations to Mrs Christine Myhre, Ms Celia Haggitt and our music students on last week's Gala Concert. This was held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell and was a superb evening.  This is the first time that we have held the concert at the Cathedral and the location was stunning. The level of performance by our students was similarly impressive.  Congratulations to the staff and students.


Richard Dykes



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