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Principal's Welcome 


Friday 19th August

From the Board Chair

Dear Parents

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am writing to you to thank all parents who have paid this year’s school donation.

You may be aware that this has been a recent concern of the Board’s.  We are very pleased to see that the number of parents paying their donation in 2016 has risen compared to last year.

However there are still many parents who have not paid their donation yet and I am writing to let you know that we will be shortly sending a personal letter to these parents.

The school donation makes a critical difference to the breadth of education your child receives at the college – academic and co-curricular.  Each year your donation enables the college to employ extra sports administrators, provide musical equipment and groups for students, keep smaller classes such as music and languages by employing extra teachers, and engage extra learning support assistants for students.

If you have paid your school donation, thank you.  If you haven’t, we hope you will read the letter and contribute to the excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities provided at Glendowie College for your children.


Steve Collier
Board of Trustees Chairperson


Bonjour … Ni hao … Kia Ora … Guten Tag … olá!Principal

It's international languages week at the college this week – celebrating the value of learning languages and general global awareness.

Thank you to Ms Vincent and the other staff and students who have organised events through the week.

Congratulations also to Mrs Myhre and our music students who are competing in the KBB festival this week.  There has been a lot of work and practice to get our students ready for this competition, and we look forward to hearing of their success.

In two weeks’ time we will have students in Football, Netball, Hockey and Underwater Hockey travel to Taupo, Napier, South Auckland, Ngatea and Wellington to compete in national tournaments.

In advance, I thank the coaches and other volunteers who give their time to make these opportunities happen for our students, and wish all students the best of luck in their respective tournaments.

You may be wondering what has happened on the building front at the college.  The project to build a new science block, along with a satellite unit from Somerville Special School, is still very much in the pipeline.  In fact the Ministry of Education has agreed to increase the scope to 11 classrooms.

However, the design work has hit some road-bumps and we are now tendering for a new architectural team.  We worked extensively with the architect provided by the Ministry, however, we were increasingly concerned at the poor design which they were providing.  This met neither the aspirations of the Board or the design guidelines of the Ministry.

Given our frustrations, the Board and I met with our Ministry officials and were also in touch with the Associate Minister of Education, the Hon Nikki Kaye.  We thank our local MP – Simon O’Connor for his support. The positive outcome has been to go back to the market and tender for an architect who will deliver what we believe meets the needs for your students.

Unfortunately this will push the project back by 3-5 months.  The Board of Trustees decided that it is better to wait and get the ideal outcome than rush into a poor design.  We will update you when we know more


Richard Dykes


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