2017 Junior Girls Underwater Hockey

Junior Girls Underwater Hockey


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Gala Concert


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Athletics Day


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Junior Boys Cricket


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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 15th September 2017


Kia ora,

Maori Language Week

This week is Māori Language Week.  A chance for our nation to celebrate part of what makes us unique. 

A challenge for New Zealand, especially in education, is to balance globalisation and local uniqueness.   Our students are increasingly global citizens.  They interact with people around the world – digitally and in person, and many will travel overseas for work and/or leisure. 

On Wednesday mornings this term, staff are learning more about the Middle Years Programme.  One group, for example, is learning about global contexts which include ideas such as ‘personal and cultural expression’, ‘globalisation and sustainability’, ‘fairness and development’.

At the same time as thinking globally, it is important that students are also aware and proud of their own country and history.  Māori Language Week is part of this.  It is part of New Zealand becoming a vibrant, multicultural Pacific nation that our young people are proud of, and enjoy. 

Tournament Success

Congratulations to all students who participated in the national tournaments last week.  They did themselves and the college proud.  They also produced some of our best tournament results ever. 

In summary:

  • Girls’ Football           7th at the Kathy Seaward Tournament (Whangarei)
  • Boys’ Football           3rd at the Trident Tournament (Hamilton)
  • Boy’s Hockey            4th at the Olympic Stick Tournament (Pukekohe)
  • Girls’ Netball             2nd at the UNISS ‘C’ Grade Tournament (Auckland)
  • Underwater Hockey Junior Open – 7th, Senior Open – 6th, Junior Girls – 6th

I enjoyed watching some of the teams, and was very proud of the skill levels and commitment of our students.  The Girl’s netball was an especially pleasing result as it promotes them to play in the ‘B’ grade at UNISS next year.

Very many thanks to the wonderful coaches, managers and volunteers who helped support our teams.  Your contribution is highly valued and much appreciated.

Parents’ Association – School Disco

A very big THANK YOU to our wonderful Parents’ Association for running the ‘School Disco’ fun night two weeks ago.  The evening saw a good crowd attend, and helped raise money towards our QUAD redevelopment.

And now they turn around and help with the annual Fun Run.  I greatly appreciate the Association’s commitment to our students and college.


Richard Dykes



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