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Principal's Welcome 


Friday 16th September


Kia Ora

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to visit our sports teams who competed in national tournaments around the country.

As I visited the different venues, two things struck me…


As I watched the players on the field, court or in the pool I looked for – and saw – how the players showed leadership.

For example if the opposition scored a goal, how did the leaders (typically the older players) rally their teammates and re-focus them on scoring one or two goals to win the game back?

Sport provides an excellent opportunity for our young women and men to learn how to motivate others to work together towards a common goal in a live, pressure situation.  This similarly occurs in the Arts such as in the school production or an orchestra performance.

Watching our players affirmed the value of co-curricular activities to develop these wider values and life skills in our young people.


Over tournament week we had five teams out for a week.  They needed food, transport, encouragement, uniforms washed and organised, etc. 

Without the support of volunteers our students wouldn't enjoy the wealth of opportunities that they do in the arts, sports and leadership.  Thank you to everyone who gave up their time for our students – on tournament week and through the year.

On a different note, this is the last newsletter for the term.  For seniors it is now the 'business' end of the academic year.  All students will know how they are doing in their internal credits, and will get their exam results back next week to indicate their progress in external standards.

After the holidays, there are only four weeks until NCEA exams start.  I encourage you to talk with your son or daughter about his or her goal for the year, and what she or he must do now to achieve it.   For example:

  • What internals do you have left and what do you need to do for them?
  • What standards are you sitting for your externals?
  • What are the topics that you need to study for the exams?

You can help your child to create a study timetable for the holidays and next term, check that she or he has past papers to practice, and that he or she knows how to study.  We can often assume that our children know how to study, when in fact they may not.  Please contact your child's teacher or Dean if you would like some advice.

Finally thank you to our wonderful Parents' Association for organising this weekend's Fun Run.  I've found my running shoes and am looking forward to the event.


Richard Dykes


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