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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 12th May 2017


Kia ora,

Welcome back to term 2.  This term has started off with a hiss and a roar as winter sports start up, the school production is under way and the college Ball is just around the corner.

Seussical the Musical

Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the show. I had the pleasure of attending last night and was impressed with the quality of our students’ performances. The high quality reflected the many weeks of rehearsals and hard work in the holidays and before school, etc.

It is great to see so many of our young men and women involved in the show – on stage and behind the scenes. The show has required a lot of commitment, and people (students and staff) were starting to look a bit tired by the start of this week.  It is great to see that all this effort has paid off.

I wish the crew and cast well for the remaining performances.

Winter Sports

Winter sports started in beautiful weather last weekend.  Our netball teams enjoyed success on the first day of their grading games, led by our Senior A team winning their game.  Our Boys’ 1st XI football team gained a significant 2-1 victory over Rangitoto College on Saturday afternoon.  Well done to all players and coaches.

I look forward to seeing more teams playing over the next two terms as the season winds up, and meeting with parents and supporters on the sidelines.

13 Reasons Why

You may have heard of this ‘TV’ show that is currently showing on Netflix.  The title refers to the story which is about a young woman who commits suicide and shares her 13 reasons for doing so with her friends via tapes that she leaves behind.

Reactions are mixed about the merit of this show. Official policy in New Zealand is that we do not discuss suicide to avoid ‘normalising’ it, i.e. allowing young people to consider it as an option. Not all countries follow this approach.

In practice, people’s opinion of New Zealand’s approach to (not) discussing suicide has been rendered immaterial by Netflix’s decision to produce and broadcast this show.  The legalities of globalisation are a separate debate.

The reality we all face is that our students can access this show, and for now we cannot prevent it.  Your family may have Netflix, your child may have friends who can share their subscription with him/her, or she/he may access it through other online channels.

I encourage you to ask your child if they have watched … are watching … or are planning to watch the show. 

I support the advice that if your child is watching or planning to watch it – watch it with them and talk about it afterwards.  If they have already watched it, discuss it thoroughly with him or her.  The material of the show is too important to leave our young men and women, intelligent and articulate as they are, to try and make sense of alone.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact one of our guidance counsellors (Glenda Neilson or Michelle Parkinson) for advice.  They cannot discuss any professional interaction they may be having with your child at school, but may provide parents and caregivers general advice on a range of pastoral matters.


Richard Dykes



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