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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 9th November 2018

Kia ora tātou.  

It was wonderful to celebrate the success of our senior students at last week’s Senior Prizegiving ceremony.  Many thanks to the staff who arranged the evening.

The Senior Prizegiving is a chance for us to recognise the ability and hard work of all students at Glendowie College. We are fortunate to have a highly engaged student body, and this shone through on Wednesday night as our students received their various certificates and cups.

Students left the following day for study leave and many, by the time you read this, will have sat their first NCEA exam.  A number of students are coming into school for tutorials and other support. Please contact your child(ren)’s teacher, faculty leader, or Dean/Assistant Dean if you have any questions about how best to support your child(ren).

I am confident that our students will do well.

Road Safety

Over the last two terms, we have had a small but noticeable number of phone calls from members of the public with regard to young adults’ use of vehicles on the roads around the college.  As students start to have more free time, including now when they will be driving to the college for an exam or to a friend’s place to study, it would be timely to talk with your child about road safety.  This includes pedestrians.

By far and large, our students are very responsible and polite.  However, they are teenagers who can be distracted or forget to fully check the road as they drive, or cross the pedestrian crossing, etc.  They can also over-estimate the attention that other drivers are paying and assume that the ‘other person’ has seen them.   

I encourage you to discuss this with your child.  I appreciate that it is not the most popular choice of conversation, but it is a very important one.

Parents’ Association

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parents’ Association for their ongoing support of the college and our students. This year, the Association has raised over $15,000 as well as organised the Quad gardening day and other social events for parents to connect informally with the college.  Thank you to Sara Haddon and her amazing team.


Richard Dykes



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