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Principal's Welcome 

Friday, 17th March 2017


Kia ora,

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Week 7 …… 4 weeks to go

Today is the end of week 7, which means there are now only four weeks left in the term.  This is a minor milestone in the school year.

First, it is the end of summer events such as Athletics, Swimming Sports, Summerfest, etc.  These and other events are important, and fun.  Thank you to the staff and student leaders who made these happen.

Second, it is about now when year 9 students start to think of themselves as fully part of Glendowie College.  If your child is in year 9, I encourage you to ask her or him how school is going – academically, co-curricular, socially.  Is it what he expected?  What is she liking the most?

Third, it is when seniors will be getting (or possibly completing) their first internal assessments.  For year 11 students especially, this can create some pressure.   You can help by checking what internals (assignments) are coming up for your child, what grade he or she is aiming for, and whether he or she knows what to do to achieve that goal. If your child is unsure, please encourage him or her to ask their teacher.

We are Family

Two newsletters ago, I commented on the importance of respect and community at Glendowie College, especially in light of what we read in the media.  Regularly promoting these can be a subtle art at times, and I thought it might help to highlight some different ways that we endeavour to promote these at our school.

Restorative Approach

Glendowie College is a restorative school.  This means that we choose to use a restorative approach to managing student behaviour, rather than a punitive one. When students do something wrong or behave inappropriately, we will endeavour to work with the students and others involved to understand what was wrong ….. how they should have acted ….. and help them to put things right.  This does not mean that we ‘just talk’ about things. 

A restorative approach has clear expectations of students’ behaviour and clear consequences for ongoing or significant misbehaviour.  Research shows that a restorative approach is better at helping students to learn and demonstrate appropriate behaviour.

Student Leadership

A restorative approach is about helping students to manage their own behaviour more effectively as they mature at high school.  This segues into the importance of student leadership which is also about growing students’ personal and social skills.  At Glendowie College, we have a range of leadership opportunities such as prefects, student council and other roles around the college. 

Next week we celebrate the start of the college's Interact Club which will connect the student council to the St John’s Rotary Club and get our students involved in community service.  The student leadership that is already happening is good.  We think there is room for further growth – to create more opportunities and more support for Glendowie College students to grow as leaders.  I will share more of this vision in future newsletters.

Diversity Group

You may have seen in our 2016 yearbook a feature on the college’s Diversity Group.  This group meets every Monday to support LGBTIQ students at the college.  I have asked Michelle Parkinson, the staff member who runs the group, to explain more about the group below.  The college is richer for having this and the Interact group, and other groups at our college.

No one always gets community right, but that never diminishes our resolve.  At Glendowie College, we are committed to community and respect for others.


Richard Dykes



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