I’m excited to announce the official launch of GDC Alumni – an opportunity for you to stay connected with your school.

In the 54 years since Glendowie College opened to its first pupils, tens of thousands of students and families have been part of the GDC education and experience. GDC Alumni will reconnect the people and the place, which was such an important part of shaping lives. The class of 2015 (year 13 students) has already started signing up. 

Over the next few months we hope other former students, family and friends of the school will also do so.  


What opportunities does the Alumni offer?

                                                      Photo above : Founding Students & Staff

        Photo above : 1960's & 1970's Alumni at Gala Concert, Holy Trinity Cathedral (August 2017)


Belonging to GDC Alumni is free.  Being part of it will enable you to…

  • stay connected to your college and friends
  • keep up to date with what’s happening at the school through quarterly newsletters
  • find out what others are doing, where they are and how to touch base with them
  • support the school and its students in a variety of ways


Sign up now

Click on the link below to join GDC Alumni now.  It's free and we'll keep you in touch with what's happening at the college and to your contemporaries.


R Dykes

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