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2022 Head Prefects

2022 Head Prefects

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Principal's Welcome 

30th September 2022 (Friday)

Kia Ora 

Goodbye Term 3

As always it is hard to believe the term has finished and that so much has been crammed into it. Years 12 and 13 students, as well as some Year 11’s, have completed their derived grade exams and will have received their results. As I commented in assembly last week, reflection is an important part of having these exams. Students can identify what has gone well and which aspects need to be concentrated on to attain the desired results in the forthcoming NCEA exams.

Next term there are only two weeks of school for Years 12 and 13 before they go on study leave. Through their internal and derived grade (external) exam results, students will have a clear idea of how they are placed to achieve NCEA this year and what they need to do to succeed.

Year 11 will have their school exams in Weeks 4 and 5. Entry into Year 12 is not automatic and is dependent on student performance this year, including in the forthcoming exams. While it is important for all three year levels to take some time during the holidays to rest, unwind and recover from the last term, it is also important that they are prepared for Term 4. If your child does not have a plan now, take time to talk with them about what they need to focus on and when they are going to do this.

Learning Centre

We were delighted to be informed that the delays in the construction of the new Learning Centre have been caught up by Shakthi Construction and the Learning Centre should be available to move into at the start of Term 4. The Learning Assistance staff have managed in cramped quarters and are looking forward to a bright airy space that will support student learning.

Haka and Waiata Competition

After a two-year break due to Covid, we were able to have the full school haka and waiata competition on Thursday. This was a great event, and the students should be proud of their performances. While the competition aspect cannot be ignored, this has been a wonderful opportunity to grow house spirit and for students to take on leadership roles as the competition is largely student led. Congratulations to Tangaroa who were the winning house for 2022. Special thanks to Ruapotaka marae for providing the judging panel.

Student Leadership

We are currently in the process of identifying our prefects for 2023. Students and staff have voted for house prefects and Head Prefects. A shortlist of Head Prefect candidates will be interviewed at the start of next term before appointments are made.

This year the two Head and two Deputy Head Prefects worked very much as a team with no difference in their actual roles. Having a team collaborating and being equally involved is important to the type of culture we want at the college. Next year we will have four Head Prefects with no distinction between heads or deputies.

ERO Review

Last term, the Education Review Office (ERO) conducted a visit to the college as part of their review process. Their role has changed significantly in the past couple of years. The full school audit and review has been replaced with a more streamlined model. While there is an audit process to ensure compliance requirements are met, particularly for international students, the main purpose is to work with the college to evaluate a key strategic priority.

ERO and the college will be working together to evaluate the coherence and alignment of the curriculum across the school and learning areas. The college has developed MYP at the junior level, has a new Year 11 programme and the NCEA standards are being realigned. It is important that the knowledge, skills, and concepts developed in the junior school are aligned and support the learning of our senior students.

The final ERO school profile report will be put on the ERO website next term. The draft report identifies the school as having the following strengths:

  • Learners experience an inclusive and positive school learning culture that promotes equitable and excellent outcomes and high levels of academic achievement.
  • A collaborative professional learning community that focuses on the learning and wellbeing of each learner.
  • Leadership sustains a culture of relational trust, provide leadership opportunities, and prioritise ongoing improvement to support all learners.


Ngā mihi nui

Gordon Robertson


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