2023 Honours Board

Congratulations to all our 2023 Sports Award winners.

2023 New Zealand Representatives

Daniel Hoeglinger NZ Representative Underwater Hockey
Jocelyn Lam NZ Representative Table Tennis
Coach of the Year  Joel Wiggans
Volunteer of the Year  Paul Brown
Best Junior Sportswoman  Kate Linnell
Best Junior Sportsman  Eskil Noonan
Best All Round Girl  Rebecca McLaren
Best All Round Boy  Mason Brown
Outstanding Sportsmanship  Hugh Nevell
Service to Sport  Rhys Smith
Talent, Leadership and Character  Mason Brown 
Director of Sport Award  Oskar Smerdon


Junior Girls Champion

Alex McIntosh

Junior Boys Champion

Ethan Li 

Intermediate Girls Champion

Molly Willis 

Intermediate Boys Champion

Anthony Pereira

Senior Girls Champion (Ward Cup)

Rebecca McLaren 

Senior Boys Champion (Bradman Cup)

Oscar Monro



Junior Girls Champion

Alex McIntosh

Junior Boys Champion

Mark Yakovenko

Intermediate Boys Champion

Fraser Walker

Senior Girls Champion (Glendowie College Cup)

Lou Lou Penman

Senior Boys Champion (Jeffries Cup)

Daniel Hoeglinger



Badminton Trophy

 Andy (Wuhuan) Qi



Most Outstanding Female Player Trophy

 Mia Hay

Cameron Cup

 Leo Sanderson


Bork Trophy

 Liam Struckmann

Rasmussen Cricket Trophy

 Kate Duffield



Massie Cup

George Lee 


Distance Running

The Goldman Cup

Oscar Monro



The Walter Trophy

 Rebecca McLaren

Jones Cup

 Aleksei Rusakou

Soccer Cup

 Ella Morgan

The Edwin Mansell Cup

 Ashton Harbin

The Gwilliam Cup

 Max Bros



The McLeod Hockey Trophy

Kate Linnell

Glendowie College Hockey Cup

Samuel Wright 

Stenberg Cup

Aimee Thomas

The Coaches Cup

Edward Littlesmith



Intermediate Netball Trophy

 Amelia Morris

Kairanga Trophy

 Kiarah Tukutukunga

Garvey Cup

 Rebecca McLaren



Winn Cup

 Frank Ison

Rower of the Year

 Rebecca McLaren

Director of Rowing Award

Isabella Farnell, Olivia Jordan, Charlotte Lawton, Rebecca McLaren, Tessa McLaren  (Girls U18 Coxed Quad)

Rolton Family Cup

 Jackson Brown



Cropp Cup

 Thomas Nevell

Birtwistle/Wheeler Cup

 Beck Dunhill

The McKinney Hobson Shield

 Mason Brown



Glendowie College Team Sailing Trophy

 Aidan Beauchamp


Snow Sports

Snow Sports Award

 Jamie Mackie


Table Tennis

Most Outstanding Player Trophy

 Jocelyn Lam


Underwater Hockey

The Emma Dixon Trophy

 Amy Cilliers

Jeanette Bell Trophy

 Thomas Ramsbottom



The Volleyball Cup

Taylor Nassau (Girls), Jordan Visagie (Boys)



The Hattie Cup

Finlay Walker

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