Annual Goals

Each year the Senior Leadership Team (Principal and Deputy Principals) and Glendowie College Board agree on specific strategic goals or 'major projects' for the year.  

These are significant projects affecting the whole school and will have a long-term benefit to the college, its students and the wider community.  They sit within the Glendowie College Board's long-term 2019 - 2023 strategic plan.

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2023 Annual Goals

Curriculum Alignment

We will continue the process of aligning the curriculum across the college.

1.1    Develop a process for curriculum coherence across and within learning areas.

1.2    Integrate the refreshed curriculum and the NCEA changes into learning programmes.

1.3    Complete the implementation of all IB MYP requirements into Year 9 & 10.


Cultural Inclusivity

We will strengthen cultural inclusivity.

2.1    The school environment reflects our diverse school cultures.

2.2    Provide opportunities for staff and students to build understanding and acknowledge the histories, heritages, languages and cultures of partners to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

2.3    Foster relationships with Ngāti Paoa as mana whenua.


Strengthen a School Culture Focussed on Wellbeing

We will strengthen the school culture focussing on wellbeing and the promotion of the school values.

3.1    The Glendowie College values will strengthen a culture of wellbeing.

3.2    The values are explicitly promoted through school documentation, communications, assemblies and presentations.

2022 Annual Goals

Curriculum Alignment

We will initiate a process to align the curriculum across the college.

1.1    Develop a process for curriculum coherence across and within learning areas.

1.2    Explore integration of a local curriculum including Aotearoa/New Zealand Histories.

1.3    Review and align the college's senior programmes with a focus on the NCEA change package.


An Inclusive Culture

We will provide a school culture that is inclusive for all learners.

2.1    Develop an inclusive learning environment.

2.2    Have a culturally responsive school environment.

2.3    Incorporate Mātauranga Māori into learning programmes.

2.4    Inclusive practices are in place for gender diverse students.


Wellbeing Framework

We will have a wellbeing framework where students can flourish.

3.1    Promote the Glendowie College enRICH wellbeing (hauora) model wthin the school community.

3.2    Continue to develop the expertise of staff in the enRICH framework and to support their wellbeing.

3.3    Continue to implement the enRICH student wellbeing programme.

2021 Annual Goals

Junior Curriculum (MYP)

Senior Leader Responsible:   Sharon Hewetson

We will deliver the full IB MYP across Years 9 and 10, including the Year 10 community project and interdisciplinary units.  The programme will be rigorous, inclusive and flexible to meet the learning needs of students.

1.1    Teach the full MYP programme in Years 9 and 10.

1.2    Incorporate more inclusive pedagogy into programme design.

1.3    Attain full IB authorisation.

1.4    Deliver the community project to all Year 10 students.

1.5    Trial a Year 9 and plan a Year 10 interdisciplinary unit.

1.6    Review the ALP structure to ensure it meets the needs of all students.


Year 11 Programme

Senior Leader Responsible:   Trudy Gibb

We will develop a school-based learning programme that is rigorous and flexible to better prepare students for Levels 2 and 3 NCEA, and NZ Scholarship.

2.1    Design and deliver school-based learning and assessment programmes for Year 11.

2.2    Design and communicate assessment and reporting timeline for Year 11.

2.3    Communicate the changes to students, parents and community.


Wellbeing Framework

Senior Leader Responsible:   Joanne Fraser

We will develop student skills and knowledge to support their hauora by promoting values and wellbeing through a schoolwide framework.

3.1    Develop the college's wellbeing framework.

3.2    Clarify the role of staff in the wellbeing framework.

3.3    Implement the enRICH wellbeing programme.

3.4    Continue the promotion of staff wellbeing.

3.5    Have systems and structures in place to meet the wellbeing needs of staff and students from unexpected events.



Academic Targets

 In 2023 our NCEA achievement targets are:

  • Level 2 NCEA
      - 95% of Year 12 students will achieve L2 NCEA
      - 70% of students passing L2 NCEA will do so endorsed with merit or excellence

  • Level 3 NCEA
      - 95% of Year 13 students will achieve L3 NCEA
      - 70% of students passing L3 NCEA will do so endorsed with merit or excellence
      - 85% of Year 13 students will gain University Entrance
      - Students will gain 50 scholarships
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