Procedures for 2021 Enrolment

2021 Enrolment Applications for Glendowie College (17 August 2020)
Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 Level 3 it may not be possible for parents to drop off completed enrolment forms at the college which is currently closed.  It also may not be possible for parents of students in-zone for Glendowie College to be able to obtain a Justice of the Peace's or solicitor's signature to complete the statutory declaration required as part of the enrolment process.
As a result Glendowie College has extended the in-zone deadline until Friday 4 September 2020 under the assumption that Auckland moves out of Covid-19 Level 3 next week.  If this is not the case, parents will be informed of a further revised in-zone deadline.
As out-of-zone enrollment applications do not need a statutory declaration the closing date for out-of-zone applications will remain on Wednesday 2 September 2020.
Enrollment applications can either be emailed to or dropped into the college office when the college re-opens.
Circumstances have made the enrollment process more difficult.  However, the college will ensure that everyone wishing to enrol at the college will have the opportunity to do so.
Kia ora rawa atu (Many thanks)
Gordon Robertson
  1. Enrolment applications for 2021 will be available in late June 2020.  Enrolment applications will be received by mail or in person at the Glendowie College office (8am - 4pm) Monday to Friday. The Prospectus and enrolment applications will be distributed to the following contributing schools: St Heliers, Glendowie, Glen Taylor, St Thomas's, Churchill Park, Remuera Intermediate and Kohimarama. Enrolment packs are also available from the Glendowie College office.
  2. Applications being mailed should be addressed to: The Principal, Enrolment Application, Glendowie College, Crossfield Road, Auckland 1071 
  3. To assist the college with its planning, In Zone applications for Year 9 should be received by Friday, 4 September 2020.  In Zone applicants have automatic right to entry. No interviews are required.
  4. The closing date for out-of-zone applications is Wednesday, 2 September 2020.
  5. The ballot date for all out-of-zone applicants is Wednesday, 9 September 2020.
  6. Out of Zone applicants will be notified by mail of their place on the ballot.


  • Completed all the details on the application form and provided a recent passport size photograph.
  • In Zone applicants have completed the signed Statutory Declaration and had it signed by a person authorised to take Statutory Declarations.
  • In Zone applicants have completed the Enrolment Questionnaire.
  • Completed subject selection, health information, Cybersafety Use Agreement.
  • In Zone applicants have included a copy of your recent rates and electricity accounts for residential address verification.
  • In Zone applicants renting/leasing must include a copy of a long term current rental/lease agreement showing the date the tenancy commenced and the period of the tenancy, and a recent electricity account. A recent telephone account will not be accepted.
  • Included a copy of the applicant's latest school report.
  • New Zealand Residents only: included a photocopy of the applicant's Birth Certificate or current passport.
  • For Non New Zealand Residents only: included a copy of applicant's and parents' passports showing NZ Permanent Residency (PR) if applicable AND copies of Residence Permit or Residence Visa from the passports. With the Returning Residence Visa, the permit stamp must be displayed.
  • OR included a copy of student's passport showing NZ Student Visa and/or Student Permit as well as parent's passport showing NZ Work Permit (if applicable).
  • Senior applicants must provide their NSN number AND an up-to-date summary of their academic results/qualification such as their NCEA record.  Students enrolling from another secondary school are required to complete a Declaration form.


General Information

The address for all return mail will be the "Student's Residential Address". The address given should be the student's usual home address.

The Contact Person in event of an emergency should be a relative or neighbour who can be contacted during the day by the school should some medical or other unforeseen emergency arise, and will only be phoned if neither parent or caregiver cannot be contacted.


Further Enquiries

Please telephone the school office 575 9128 ext 101 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday.






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