School Zone

Glendowie College operates a school zone.  All students who live inside the school zone (see map) are entitled to enrol at the college.  Students living outside of the school zone must apply to enrol.

Open the School Zone map (pdf).



We are included in the Ministry of Education’s enrolment scheme work programme for 2021.  When developing or amending an enrolment scheme, the Ministry must consult the school’s Board and take reasonable steps to understand the views of the local community.  The Ministry will be consulting with us in the near future, and we will share this process with you on our school channels so you can have your say.

Please click on the following links for further details:

Enrolment Scheme FAQs

Enrolment Scheme Information for Community

At the moment we do not know what the amendments will be, if any.  The college's consultation stance is that all areas currently within the college's zone will continue to be so.



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