The Deans are teachers within our College with extra time to lead a house, and provide academic and pastoral care to students and their whānau. 

Students at Glendowie College join one of four ‘houses’ - Rūaumoko, Tāne Mahuta, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea.  Each form class, along with their form teacher belongs to a house, which is led by a Dean and Assistant Dean.  Each of these key roles remain with the form class and house throughout the students’ life at the College.

A key part of the Deans role is to provide academic counselling to our students.  This is to provide guidance about how to succeed academically, especially as they progress into the senior school. 

There are four elements to academic counselling:

  1. Goals  -  Helping students to set specific and realistic aspirations for their academic studies.
  2. Feedback  -  Helping students to track their progress, and use this information to manage their work.
  3. Strategies  -  Helping students to develop study techniques to achieve their goals.
  4. Perspective  -  Helping students to balance their academic aspirations with other commitments and their mental and physical health.



Ms Pritika Harduar - Dean of Rūaumoko
School Line: 5759128 ext 100
Ms Fiona Smith - Dean of Tāne Mahuta
School Line: 5759128 ext 120

Miss Jessica Pittwood - Dean of Tangaroa
School Line: 5759128 ext 114

Ms Julie Barrack - Dean of Tāwhirimātea
School Line: 5759128 ext 110

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