enRICH Glendowie Wellbeing

The Glendowie College whole school wellbeing framework, (enRICH), proposes that when the qualities of R.I.C.H are permeating through us, and of course like everything else we do here at the college are surrounded by our DNA, then we will be flourishing.




R - Relationships

Healthy relationships are those that are grounded in trust, respect and honesty.  Our relationships help us to flourish and create a safe and caring space where everyone belongs.

I - Identity

Positive identity is about being accepting and open minded towards ourselves and others.  Being comfortable and confident in who we are enables us to act with integrity and take pride in our diverse community.

C - Challenge

Embracing challenge is about having the courage to take risks, engage with curiosity and grow through experience.  In embracing challenge we celebrate our opportunities to learn as well as our successes.

H - Hope

A hopeful mindset is about believing that things can and will be improved.  An optimistic and positive approach allows us to be resilient in the face of our difficulties.


enRICHment Sessions

Every Thursday students participate in a 45 minute enRICHment session.  This is completed in form classes and involves a variety of topics including:

  • Peer support
  • Careers
  • Whakawhanaungatanga
  • Service learning; Community Projects
  • Mates and Dates
  • enRICH wellbeing programmes (more detail below)
  • Culture and Identity projects
  • House competitions
  • Academic tracking  


enRICH Student Wellbeing Programme

We have developed a student wellbeing programme to explicitly teach the qualities of R.I.C.H which underpin our culture of wellbeing at the College.

The focus for each year level is outlined below:

  • Year 9     Emotional intelligence, coping skills and mindful relaxation
  • Year 10   Emotional intelligence , metacognition and mindfulness
  • Year 11   Stress management and mental health
  • Year 12   Growth mindset and performance psychology (under development)
  • Year 13   (under development)



Mrs Joanne Fraser - Deputy Principal Student Services
School Line: 5759128 ext 109
Email:  fra@gdc.school.nz 

Mrs Andrea Curtis - Director of Wellbeing
School Line: 5759128 ext 162
Email:  cur@gdc.school.nz     



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