Why Study English?

In English students learn how to use and enjoy the English language and its literature - orally, visually, and in writing.  Students develop their skills to communicate to a range of audiences in different formats and for various purposes - both formal and informal..

Literacy in English enables students to succeed across their lives - from recreational settings (e.g. reading books, watching movies, engaging online) to formal settings such as work and community involvement.

At Glendowie College we ensure that all students have a sound grasp of language fundamentals (writing, speaking, reading) and develop their ability to think critically and in depth.  For example students will learn how to deconstruct and critically analyse texts.

The English Faculty also includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Media Studies.


English Faculty Courses

Please click here to view information on the English and Media Studies courses offered.


ESL Courses

The objective of the English Second Language (ESL) courses are: 

  • To increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the academic English required for secondary and tertiary study in New Zealand
  • To achieve their Literacy requirements
  • To learn about New Zealand culture
  • To develop confidence in taking part in New Zealand society

In the Junior classes Year 9 and 10 the IB MYP criteria is followed.

Year 11 is a preparation year for NCEA English in Year 12.

In Year 12 students study Level 1 English and enter both Internal and External NCEA assessments.

In Year 13 students study Level 2 English to gain their University Literacy Requirements through Internal Assessment.

At all levels diagnostic testing is carried out and there is a regular homework programme.

Please click here to view information on the ESL courses offered.

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