What is Science?

Science is a way of investigating, understanding and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe.  Scientific knowledge builds on previous ideas and innovations and is continually being updated and expanded as new evidence comes to hand.  Scientists interact with each other and the wider world as they try to validate new explanations.

At Glendowie College, we teach our students using scientific investigation, which involves generating and testing ideas, gathering evidence in order to develop scientific knowledge.  We encourage our students to test ideas and build on their own experiences, which fosters curiosity and critical thinking.  Students are expected to work in groups, as well as independently, which promotes collaboration and builds links between many different cultures and communities.  Our students are taught to think creatively and learn to shift their perspective as they view problems differently and adapt to change – these are all very important skills to have in the twenty first century.


Why Study Science?

Science provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the world around them – many of the major challenges that confront our world today need to be approached from a scientific perspective.  By helping students to investigate the world in scientific ways, generating and testing questions, gathering evidence and then using theory to explain their conclusions, they learn how to problem solve and this can be transferred into many other areas of life.  They learn to think critically about information that they are faced with, which is essential in today’s world where they have access to all kinds of material at their “finger-tips”.


Science Faculty Courses

Please click here to view information on the courses offered by the Science Faculty.



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