What is Technology?

The Technology Faculty area of learning engages students in problem solving and design. Students will use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, make informed decisions and develop creative and innovative solutions. Along the way they will consider the societal impact of the technologies so they may understand human, cultural and societal issues related to technology, and reflect on the legal and ethical factors a technologists will be required to adhere too while developing their designs.

This development of Technology literacy requires students to demonstrate new skills and knowledge for their future world.

Technology focuses on developing these skills in all its learning areas.


Why Study Technology?

Studying Technology will allow the student to develop skills in Technology Literacy in a world that is quickly changing and will require a person to critically analyse and decide on the worth of new technologies that are being continuously developed.

They will be able to take the skills they have learnt and apply them in a range of careers from University to Apprenticeships. These include Information and Communications Technology (Website Development, Computer Programming, Digital Media, etc.), Engineering (Mechanical, Environmental and Electrical), Technology (Biotech, Creative Technologies, Communications and Electrical and Food Technologies etc.), Design (Interior, Creative, Spatial and Product) through to Construction, Nutrition, Hospitality and Childcare industries. The range is wide and the opportunities growing as quickly as our world is changing.

Our students are confident, skilled thinkers who make informed decisions. They are used to working in a team environment and using creativity to develop new ideas and direction.



Technology Faculty Courses 

Subjects are:

Building and Construction Technology, Digital Technologies Programming, Creative Technologies (Year 9), Design and Visual Communication, Digital Technologies Electronics, Digital Technologies Computing, Food and Nutrition and Hospitality.

Please click here to view information on the courses offered by the Technology Faculty.


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