Glendowie College has an Attendance Officer who monitors daily attendance and contacts parents/caregivers if there are unexplained absences or possible truancy concerns.

The Attendance Officer is Ms Sheree Anderson and she can be contacted by phone 5759128 ext 155 or by following the answer phone instructions when ringing the school office.  Her email address is student.services@gdc.school.nz

The college requests that parents/caregivers contact the school at the beginning of the day if their child is going to be absent from school.  The school operates an automatic contact system for unexplained absences.  If a student is absent from school without any contact being made, either a text message or email is sent out later that morning to advise the parent/caregiver that the student is absent.

Written confirmation of absences is legally required.  Even if a phone message has been left a written note signed by a parent/caregiver is also needed on the student’s return.  For absences of 3 days and more a Medical Certificate is required.

Attendance Officer
Ms Sheree Anderson
School Line: 5759128 ext 155
Email: student.services@gdc.school.nz

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