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Announcement Alert SCHOOL CLOSED

Glendowie College is currently closed to all students and staff. Please go to our COVID-19 page for the latest information.

Bus Information


Many Glendowie College students travel to and from school by bus.  As well as public buses that go past the college, the school also operates its own bus routes for students.

AT HOP is a reusable prepay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses around Auckland.  Paying for your child's school travel with an AT HOP card is cheaper than paying with cash.  Parents can save even further by loading the correct concession on their child's AT HOP card.  School students are eligible for discounted fares and these are at least 40% cheaper than adult AT HOP fares. Cards must be registered to a child, and students 16 - 19 years must also have a secondary student concession loaded on their AT HOP card for the discount/concession to apply, otherwise, their AT HOP card defaults to the more expensive adult fares.

More information about loading an AT HOP card concession can be found by clicking here

Terms of use for the AT HOP cards are available at

To visit the AT HOP website please click here.  


Please note that from Monday 23 March 2020, Auckland Transport will be suspending cash fares on all buses.

Auckland Transport are doing this to minimise physical contact between customers, their staff and people who work on buses during Covid-19.  Customers will be expected to pay their fare using AT HOP cards only. This will eliminate cash handling on buses and at depots to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus through touching money and interacting with customers.  Under no circumstances will school students be refused travel. If they have not got a HOP card, they will be provided with the information leaflet as they board.  People will still be able to travel but Auckland Transport will let customers know that they will need a AT HOP card to travel next time.  There will be a leaflet given to customers who do not have a HOP card to explain why cash payments will no longer be accepted during Covid-19 and where they can get an AT HOP card.

To get a HOP card go to or visit a Customer Service Centre.


Click on the tabs below to get information about available buses:


School Buses

Below are the times are routes of school buses available for students to catch to and from school.

Morning Buses

  • Route 417            (departs at 7.50am)
    Starts at Ellerslie shops, Ladies Mile, Abbotts Way, Grand Drive, Norman Lesser Drive, Panapa Drive, Norman Lesser Drive, College Road, St Johns Road, St Heliers Bay Road, West Tamaki Rd, Crossfield Road, Glendowie College.
  • Route 418            (departs at 7.25am from Potters Park, Balmoral Rd)
    Balmoral Rd, Green Lane East, Green Lane West, Remuera Rd, St Johns Rd, St Heliers Bay Rd, West Tamaki Road, Crossfield Road, Glendowie College.
  • Route 419           (departs at 7.55am)
    Starts at Newmarket 16 Remuera Rd, Remuera Rd, St Johns Rd, St Heliers Bay Rd, West Tamaki Road, Crossfield Road, Glendowie College.


Afternoon Buses

  • Route 417            (departs at 3.40pm from Glendowie College)
    Travels the reverse route to the morning
  • Route 418            (departs at 3.20pm and 3.21pm from Glendowie College)
    Travels the reverse route to the morning
  • Route 419           (departs at 3.25pm from Glendowie College)
    Travels the reverse route to the morning


Public Buses

The following public buses pass very close to Glendowie College.  Please check with Auckland Transport for updated routes and times.

Morning Buses

  • TMK                       (depart City at 7.23am, 7.38am and 7.53am)
    Tamaki Drive, St Heliers shops, St Heliers Rd to St Heliers school. Can change to 744 at St Heliers to go to Crossfield Rd, arriving at 8.05am, 8.20am and 8.29am
  • 744                         (depart Panmure 7.48am and 8.18am)
    Panmure, Pilkington Rd, Glen Innes, Line Rd, Mt Taylor Drive, arriving 8.20am and 8.40am
  • 762                         (departs City Terminal at 7.42am)
    Tamaki Drive, Kepa Rd, Kohimarama Rd, St Heliers Bay Rd, West Tamaki Rd to Sacred Heart College arriving at 8.27am.


Afternoon Buses

  • TMK                       (departs at 3.37pm, 4.07pm and 4.37pm)
    St Heliers Rd at St Heliers school, St Heliers shops, Tamaki Drive, City
  • 744                         (departs Crossfield Rd at 3.24pm, 3.54pm and 4.24pm for Otahuhu and Panmure)
    Crossfield Road, Glen Innes, Pilkington Road, Panmure, Otahuhu
  • 744                         (departs Crossfield Rd (see above))
    To Glen Innes then train either south (Panmure, Sylvia Park, Otahuhu) or into the city (Meadowbank, Britomart)
  • 762                         (departs West Tamaki Rd at Sacred Heart College at 3.54pm and 4.24pm)
    To City via West Tamaki Rd, Kohimarama Rd, Kepa Rd and Tamaki Drive


Please visit the following link for detailed online information including timetables, individual route maps and bus stop information: 



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