Extra Curricular Activities


For further information please see the daily notices.


Amnesty International

Looking at Human Rights

Ms Harding

Email: hrd@gdc.school.nz


Book Club

Ms Gayton

Email: gyn@gdc.school.nz


Craft Club

Students who are interested in different crafts e.g. knitting, crochet etc. for wellbeing

Mrs Gee

Email: gee@gdc.school.nz


CREST (Bronze / Silver / Gold)

Innovative to solve technological problems to gain awards from Royal Society of New Zealand (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Meetings held at lunchtime on Wednesday

Ms Christopher

Email: chs@gdc.school.nz



Interschool Debating Competition

Meetings held at lunchtime on Thursday

Ms Harding / Mr So

Emails: hrd@gdc.school.nz / soh@gdc.school.nz


Diversity Group

Student directed

Ms Metcalfe

Email: met@gdc.school.nz


Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze

Mrs Champness

Email: chp@gdc.school.nz


Duke of Edinburgh – Silver

Mr Thompson

Email: thr@gdc.school.nz


Duke of Edinburgh – Gold

Ms Smith

Email: smi@gdc.school.nz


Dungeons and Dragons / Tabletop

D & D and tabletop games played in the Library

Mr So / Miss Thomson

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz / thm@gdc.school.nz


E Pro 8 Club - Junior

E Pro 8 challenge activities to prepare for the Inter School Competition

Meetings held at lunchtime on Tuesday

Ms Christopher

Email: chs@gdc.sdchool.nz



Student-led group, replacing the Student Council, with strong relationships with Rotary

Mr So

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz


Junior Maths Club

Miss Tidman

Email: tid@gdc.school.nz


Level 2 Scholarship Calculus

Students keen to sit Scholarship Calculus in 2023 can attend lunchtime sessions to begin preparation

Mr Eley

Email: ely@gdc.school.nz


Maker Space Club

Practical hands-on HUB

Meetings held at lunchtime on Wednesday

Ms Christopher / Ms Harduar / Mr Van Aswegen

Email: chs@gdc.school.nz / hdu@gdc.school.nz / asw@gdc.school.nz


Poetry Writing Club

Students who are interested in writing poetry

There is a new writing topic each meeting

Miss Singh

Email: sng@gdc.school.nz


Polyfest Speech Group

Preparing for the Polyfest Speech Competition to happen in March

Maybe discovering other language opportunities throughout the year

Ms Metcalfe

Email: met@gdc.school.nz


Rangatahi Ora

Youth Wellbeing

Mrs Champness

Email: chp@gdc.school.nz


Spoken Word Poetry Club

Poetry writing with a performance focus; selected students have the opportunity to participate in the Auckland-based 'WORD the Frontline' competition

Mr Reynolds / Ms Blackmore

Email: rey@gdc.school.nz / blm@gdc.school.nz



Various summer / winter sports

Mrs Brown

Email: brn@gdc.school.nz


Student Librarians

Ms Gayton

Email: gyn@gdc.school.nz


Sustainability Group

Working on projects at school and in the community for environmental sustainability

Meetings held at lunchtime on Thursday in the Hub

Mr Wallace

Email: wal@gdc.school.nz



Student IT Service Group

By invitation only

Ms Mercer

Email: mer@gdc.school.nz



Mr So / Miss Thomson

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz / thm@gdc.school.nz


Young Enterprise Scheme

Interschool / National Entrepreneurial Competition (Years 13 & 12 Business Studies students)

Meetings held at lunchtime on Day 6 in E2L

Mr Van Aswegen / Ms Harduar

Email: asw@gdc.school.nz / hdu@gdc.school.nz

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