Extra Curricular Activities


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Amnesty International

Looking at Human Rights.

Mr Reynolds

Email: rey@gdc.school.nz 


Asian Fusion Dance Group

Dance group celebrating Chinese and Bollywood history, culture, food and clothing.

All students who love dancing or have an interest in the cultures are welcome.

Meetings held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunchtime in H8 (Dance room).

Miss Xu / Ms Harduar

Email: xut@gdc.school.nz / hdu@gdc.school.nz 


Book Club

Ms Gayton

Email: gyn@gdc.school.nz


Chess Club

Meetings after school in the Library (same time as Dungeons and Dragons/Tabletop group).  

Friendly and social competition throughout the year.

Mr So

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz 



Miss Sigley

Email: sig@gdc.school.nz 


Co-Curricular Hip Hop

Student led Hip Hop classes and crew training.

Miss Ata

Email: ata@gdc.school.nz 


Concert Band

Large music group for wind and percussion instrument players.

Mr Lile

Email: lil@gdc.school.nz 


Craft Club

Students who are interested in different crafts e.g. knitting, crochet etc. for wellbeing.

Mrs Gee / Mrs Champness

Email: gee@gdc.school.nz / chp@gdc.school.nz 


Cultural Club

The Cultural Club is dedicated to celebrating students' heritage and spreading awareness, understanding, and appreciation of different cultures via cultural games and events.

Miss Xu

Email: xut@gdc.school.nz 



Interschool Debating Competition.

Meetings held at lunchtime on Thursday.

Ms Barrowclough / Mr So

Emails: brc@gdc.school.nz / soh@gdc.school.nz


Diversity Group

Student directed.

Ms Sutherland

Email: sld@gdc.school.nz 


Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze

Mrs Champness

Email: chp@gdc.school.nz


Duke of Edinburgh – Silver

Mrs Clarke

Email: cla@gdc.school.nz 


Duke of Edinburgh – Gold

Mr Thompson

Email: thr@gdc.school.nz


Dungeons and Dragons / Tabletop

D & D and tabletop games played in the Library.

Mr So / Miss Thomson

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz / thm@gdc.school.nz


E Pro 8 Club - Junior

E Pro 8 challenge activities to prepare for the Interschool Competition.

Meetings held at lunchtime on Tuesday.

Ms Christopher

Email: chs@gdc.sdchool.nz


Fantasy Football (NFL)

Student competitions and discussion around all things Football.

Mr Amies / Mr Lewis

Email: ami@gdc.school.nz / lew@gdc.school.nz 



Student-led group, replacing the Student Council, with strong relationships with Rotary.

Mr So

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz


Jazz Band

Big Band offering experience playing Jazz music.

Mr Lile

Email: lil@gdc.school.nz 


Junior Maths Club

Students in Year 9 and 10, keen for a mathematical challenge, should come along to the lunchtime sessions to try and solve some pretty tricky problems!

Mr Eley / Miss Tidman

Email: ely@gdc.school.nz / tid@gdc.school.nz


Level 2 Scholarship Calculus

Students keen to sit Scholarship Calculus in 2024 can attend lunchtime sessions to begin preparation.

Mr Eley

Email: ely@gdc.school.nz


Lighting Crew

For the school musical and other evening performances and events throughout the year.

Miss Thomson

Email: thm@gdc.school.nz 


Maker Space / Future Problem Solving Club

Practical hands-on HUB.

Meetings held at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Ms Christopher / Ms Harduar / Mr Van Aswegen

Email: chs@gdc.school.nz / hdu@gdc.school.nz / asw@gdc.school.nz


Play Reading Group

Weekly meetups on Wednesday after school where we discuss, act-by-act, a great piece of literature which they would not have had exposure to.  

Great for any student who wants to expand their knowledge or enjoys drama in general.

Mr So

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz 


Poetry Writing Club

Students who are interested in writing poetry.

There is a new writing topic each meeting.

Miss Singh

Email: sng@gdc.school.nz


Polyfest Speech Group

Preparing for the Polyfest Speech Competition to happen in March.

Maybe discovering other language opportunities throughout the year.

Ms Metcalfe

Email: met@gdc.school.nz


Rangatahi Ora

Youth Wellbeing

Mrs Champness

Email: chp@gdc.school.nz


Reading Competitions

Year 9 and Year 10 national team reading competitions.

Ms Gayton

Email: gyn@gdc.school.nz


Spoken Word Poetry Club

Poetry writing with a performance focus; selected students have the opportunity to participate in the Auckland-based 'WORD the Frontline' competition.

Mr Reynolds / Ms Blackmore

Email: rey@gdc.school.nz / blm@gdc.school.nz



Various summer / winter sports.

Mrs Brown

Email: brn@gdc.school.nz


String Ensemble

An ensemble for string instrument players, all welcome.

Mr Lile

Email: lil@gdc.school.nz


Student Librarians

Ms Gayton

Email: gyn@gdc.school.nz


Sustainability Group

Working on projects at school and in the community for environmental sustainability.

Meetings held at interval on Thursday in D1U.

Mr Wallace

Email: wal@gdc.school.nz



Student IT Service Group.

By invitation only.

Ms Mercer

Email: mer@gdc.school.nz



Mr So / Miss Thomson

Email: soh@gdc.school.nz / thm@gdc.school.nz


The Fish

The Fish is a non-denominational group of Christian (or curious) students who meet together to encourage each other.  

All students are welcome, including those who have questions they want to ask about Christianity, faith or The Bible.

Meetings are held Friday at lunchtime in H1U.

Mrs Richardson

Email: rcd@gdc.school.nz 


Wind Band

Large music group for junior wind and percussion instrument players.

Mr Lile

Email: lil@gdc.school.nz 


Writer's Circle

Student group of writers who want to explore their creativity and share their writing.

Miss McEvoy / Ms Metcalfe

Email: mce@gdc.school.nz / met@gdc.school.nz 


Young Enterprise Scheme

Interschool / National Entrepreneurial Competition (Years 13 & 12 Business Studies students).

Mr Van Aswegen / Ms Harduar

Email: asw@gdc.school.nz / hdu@gdc.school.nz

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