Sign into the Glendowie College Parent and Student Portal to view real-time information from our Student Management System.

Through the Portal you can:

1         Advise the school of any updates to your contact details.

2         See timetable and attendance records.

3         View NCEA progress and results.

4         Download student reports.

    Please print if you wish to keep a hard copy.

    Pre 2020 student reports can be obtained by contacting wes@gdc.school.nz 

5         Action on-line course selection for the following year (Term 3)

6         See career pathway information.

7         View your school account and pay for transactions on-line.

Students and parents/caregivers can access the portal using a username and password provided at the start of each school year. The username is the student's school ID number and each user has an individual password. This password cannot be changed, so please keep a copy of the email containing those details. If you no longer have those details, please email reception@gdc.school.nz to request a copy.

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